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Euro Fish TV – Episode 2

In the second edition of Euro Fish TV, our Anchor Lobster interviews the European Fisheries Commissioner, Maria Damanaki, and the UK’s head of the New Under Ten Fishers Asssociation, Jeremy Percy.


Euro Fish TV – Episode 1

Our Anchor Lobster explains theĀ origins of the Common Fisheries Policy Cyber-Kraken.

This blog will tell the sad tale of the European Common Fisheries Policy (or in other words, what happened to all the fish). The CFP is up for review in 2012. This will be pretty much the last chance for Europe’s marine ecosystems to avoid imminent wholesale collapse, so it’s really very important.

Unfortunately European policy reviews are astoundingly difficult to follow. Fortunately we will be following this one via the animated adventures of a plucky Greek mermaid and her struggle to save our fish from the giant cyber-kraken that the CFP has become.

Narrated by a lobster.

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